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Skilling is an Scandinavian owned Forex and CFDs broker. They are regulated by CySEC and FSA, and authorised by the British FCA. Extreme low costs trading with spreads from 0.1 pips. Three trading platforms suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Our Skilling Review in Summary:

Skilling is by far, one of the best online FX and CFD brokers we have traded with.

Everything is simple and understandable regardless of the level of experience.

Intuitive and predictable in a way we have not experienced before.

This combined with extremely low prices, simple account opening, simple deposits, and quick withdrawals means that we believe Skilling in many areas is a totally superior broker that is suitable for everything from beginners to professional traders.

With Skilling, we have got our own Nordic online broker who is so able to bite off against the more established players who until now have to a very large extent come from London, Israel and Eastern Europe are, to put it mildly, impressive.

The team behind Skilling has long and extensive experience from the finance and securities industry.

When they went out and found a leader for Skilling, they chose very untraditionally;

In January 2016, Anders Berglund, -Previously top manager for Google Sweden was hired as top manager in Skilling, and under his leadership, the foundation for Skilling and their simple but ingenious philosophy/strategy was laid.

Can it be made easier, -should it be made easier…

Skilling is an innovative, light-hearted, and positively charged online broker, and Skilling’s various teams, which are fairly evenly distributed between finance and tech, certainly do not appear to be typical traditional financiers.

Sometime after the launch of the trading platforms, Skilling has recently (November 2020) hired industry veteran Michael Kamerman to lead the next phase in Skilling’s ambitious global venture.

Michael Kamerman is a very well-known industry name internationally, – coming from the position as CEO of the Skilling competitor FXCM.

Although the people behind Skilling are to a very large extent Norwegian and Swedish, the company and online broker Skilling are currently far more well-known outside Norway’s borders.

In England, which until now has been one of Skilling’s absolute main bets, they were in the 2019/2020 season the main sponsor of the Premier League club Fulham.

Most recently, Skilling signed a comprehensive sponsorship deal with Aston Villa.

In Norway (K2 Trading is based in Norway) it is probably more noticeable that the Chess God Magnus Carlsen has taken on the role of Global Ambassador for Skilling.

This is what Magnus Carlsen wrote in connection with the announcement of the agreement with Skilling in September 2020:

“I have been fascinated by Skilling as a fintech player, and I like the attitude of making things accessible and easy for both beginners and experienced. We share the view that everyone with an interest in something should have the opportunity to exploit and develop their full potential »Magnus Carlsen, chess god

The first tournament in “the Champions Chess Tour 2021” has also been officially named “Skilling Open”.


With Skilling, you can trade FX with spreads as low as 0.1 pips.

The minimum deposit amount is €100 or equivalent, and there are no fees associated with deposits and withdrawal.

  • Several account currencies (no exchange costs)
  • Superfast withdrawals
  • No minimum fees or inactivity costs
  • Spreads from 0.1 pips (EURUSD)

Regulation and license

Skilling is authorized by the British FCA and regulated by both CySEC and FSA.

As a trader from the EU, you can choose whether you want to trade under the CySEC or FSA license.

The FSA license will give you leverage rates up to X500, but very few traders require this.

It is recommended to choose an EU-licence if you are from the EU.

Trading platforms

Skilling offers three different trading platforms & three associated trading apps; Skilling Trader, cTrader, and MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

Skilling Trader

Skilling Trader has a very simple user interface, almost completely without so-called financial jargon, which makes it very easy for those who have no or limited experience with trading.

Professionals and traders with more experience will certainly appreciate the more advanced features of Skilling Trader, and also use the charts from TradingView that are integrated into the platform.

The charts from TradingView allow you to use indicators and tools such as RSI, MACD, trend lines, Elliot Wave, etc.


cTrader is an extremely sophisticated trading platform for advanced traders looking for a complete solution.

  • Advanced risk management and ordering feature
  • Huge selection of indicators
  • Algorithm trading with C # and .net

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most used trading platform for forex trading and has been the global industry standard for almost 20 years.

  • A well-established trading platform
  • Automated trading with EAs
  • Large selection of plugins

Negatives with Skilling

No Islamic account

As of writing, Skilling does not offer any Islamic account.