Spillover Emerging

Mati Greenspan Analysis

Plenty of interesting moves in the markets lately. Top of every investor’s mind is the Turkish Lira and its ongoing slide. Also, the Russian Ruble, Mexican Peso, and the South African Rand are making massive movements Some experts are calling it an emerging market currency rout. The thing is, emerging market currencies shouldn’t necessarily correlate with each other. The only …


The Dread Pirate Roberts

Mati Greenspan Analysis

The website administrator of Silk Road, the first all bitcoin marketplace, was tried and prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. Even though Ross Ulbricht is not allowed access to a computer, he’s currently trying to find his voice by dictating tweets to his family members who then post on his behalf. His following is growing rapidly. So far he’s …


Rub US the Wrong Way

Mati Greenspan Analysis

As crypto prices continue to fall, the news coming in from the industry is still resoundingly good. Positive developments on the ground are being announced at a rapid rate. The most intriguing IMHO of which has come from Microsoft. Without getting too technical, this new enterprise-ready product is about to make it a whole lot easier for organizations and corporations …


A Glitch

Mati Greenspan Analysis

Things have been moving incredibly fast in the crypto market over the past few days. What seems to be on most people’s minds is the massive announcement that came out on Friday. There are several facets to this story so let me break it down. First, Starbucks will not be accepting bitcoin. Not any time soon anyway. The planned crypto-friendly …


Cryptos are Technical

Mati Greenspan Analysis

One of the issues with the bitcoin futures markets on Wall Street is the way in which they’re disconnected from the markets and actually settled in cash. Meaning, that investors are simply speculating on the price between a buyer and the seller and, once a month, they settle the difference in cash. On Wall Street, this hasn’t been much of …


From Solid to Strong

Mati Greenspan Analysis

We’re gonna keep the brief brief today as I’m about to hop on a plane over to London. Will be staying fairly central for the next week and probably won’t stray far from Piccadilly, so if you’re in the neighborhood feel free to hit me up on eToro, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Today’s Highlights China Stocks Slide From Solid to Strong …


Digital Silver

Mati Greenspan Analysis

Hope you’re having an amazing day so far. It is with great pride and pleasure that I present to you our brand new research paper on Litecoin. Unlike many cryptos Litecoin isn’t aiming to unseat bitcoin, it actually plays more of a supportive role, like silver does with gold. The faster and easier transactions make it a bit more usable …


It's All Connected

Mati Greenspan Analysis

Personally, I don’t keep up with the Kardashians but my wife does, along with hundreds of millions of other people who like to keep abreast of the latest fashion and other trends. So I was a bit surprised when my wife called me over to show me this post, on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. Apparently, she was gifted 1 BTC …


Cupcakes & Rainbows

Mati Greenspan Analysis

On Friday, the United States reported some phenomenal economic figures indicating that the economy has grown by a massive 4.1% in the last quarter. This is the highest Advanced GDP reading since 2010 and as you can see in this graph, is extremely rare. However, under the surface, things might not be all cupcakes and rainbows. A recent Fed survey …


The Power of Dissent

Mati Greenspan Analysis

There’s a lot of FUD and confusion out there in crypto markets right now so I’d like to clarify. Today’s headline is as follows… As we stated in yesterday’s update, one of the many reasons that bitcoin is rising at the moment on anticipation of an ETF decision from the SEC. However, too many people have crossed their E’s with …